Garden Bed Drip Irrigation Kit (GBDIK)

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Garden Bed Drip Irrigation Kit Grow more, and water A LOT LESS with our Garden Bed Drip Irrigation Kit. This universal kit can be used on any Raised or Elevated Garden Bed in both the Rustic and Original Series, and works great with a timer. To water your garden with ease, simply stake down the drip line in your garden bed and attach the garden hose.

Key Features:

  • Drip Line, Stakes, Inline and T-Fittings
  • Covers 16 Sq. Ft. per kit -
  • Connect multiple kits for large beds
  • Exclusive 5-Year Warranty
  • Made in the USA

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Additional Info

Additional Info

Product Size:
Covers 16 Sq. Ft. Per Kit
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