Dream Garden, Meet Reality Garden.

If you ask us, Gronomics is about two things: solid design and original thinking. If you ask our customers, Gronomics is about amazing looking planters that work for home gardeners. We take great pride in both.

Gronomics manufactures a line of products geared toward the home gardener. All of the products are handcrafted in East Bethel, MN.

Benefits of Gronomics

  • 100% Customer Satisfaction
  • Guarantee Highest Quality Products on the Market
  • Ease of Assembly
  • Central Shipping Location
  • Handcrafted in the USA

People today are becoming increasingly aware of the link between a healthy lifestyle and a healthy diet. How our food is grown and processed are two important factors when considering the nutritional value of the foods we eat. Imagine the peace of mind you could get by growing your own nutritious produce. It’s easier than you think — and we can help! A number of things keep people from gardening: the space required, proper soil conditions, lack of time, etc. Gronomics is the solution. Get your garden started today! Simply assemble the garden planter of your choice, plant it, water regularly (or hookup a garden hose to the optional drip irrigation), and you’re on your way to better nutrition. Using Gronomics truly is the “Better way to Grow for a Healthier Lifestyle.”

Company History

Rivard Companies dba Gronomics
Established: 1989
Gronomics Established: 2008
Owners: Mike & Lisa Rivard

Gronomics planted its roots in 2008, starting out when Mike Rivard, the owner decided to build an elevated garden planter for his grandfather that was wheelchair bound. Over the next few years the line grew to include raised beds, elevated garden beds, and a variety of innovated gardening products and gardening accessories.  In 2013 we expanded the line and now offer outdoor furniture, games and chicken coops. The product line is sold at garden centers and e-commerce sites across the country. Many of the products are portable, handicap accessible and are suitable for balconies, backyards, patios and much more. The products are made of 100% Western Red Cedar and majority of the products offer tool-free assembly.

We here at Gronomics continue to offer the most updated, innovated products on the market to help your garden grow and much more!

To learn more about Rivard Companies visit us online at: www.rivardcompanies.com