Eating My Greens

I couldn't resist sharing this photo I took this past fall. I pulled these plants out of one of our Tower Gardens for a salad in a jar class that I host every week. I continue to harvest herbs and greens over the winter by bringing the Tower indoors. As all gardeners experience, store bought produce over the winter months is just not the same fresh taste. Plus, the nutrition of fresh picked greens is so much greater. Now, I won't bore you with my college senior research paper on Osteoporosis and Periodontal Disease, but will tell you I found that the calcium we get from dark leafy greens is an excellent source. In my opinion, the body can absorb the Ca+ in plants more than dairy. I am not saying dairy doesn't have a good level of Ca+ , but more on the bodies ability to absorb Ca+. More specifically to do with the acidity of dairy verses the alkaline benefits of raw foods, especially the greens. So eating a diet of more alkaline foods especially raw whole fruits and vegetables can play a big part in keeping our bones strong. I just love eating salads, especially when loaded with other nutrient dense foods like, kale, broccoli, carrots, tomatoes, nuts, seeds, variety of beans, etc.. So, eat as much fresh and raw produce and try to growing produce all year long. Sources Tower Garden , Vertical Garden The International Osteoporosis Foundation has a good list of Ca+ content of common foods. Bone health