My Seed Catalogs Are Arriving!

I hope I'm not the only one that gets excited to get seed catalogs in the mail. I get so much enjoyment and inspiration by flipping through the catalogs. But, for the most part, I have gone to the web for purchasing my seeds, along with hitting up my local seed and seedling suppliers as soon as they open for the season. We have so many choices and planning now for the gardening season will set us up for a successful growing season. What types of plants do you want to grow? Where will you have your garden? How much time will you have to care for your garden? Should I grow my own seedlings or purchase from a grower? In this blog, I will focus on a few benefits of growing your own seedlings.

  1. You have more options. Your local producer will likely have several seedling choices for you, but there are thousands of varieties that you can try. Plus, there are many interesting or heirloom plants that can only be found in seed form.
  2. You control seedling quality. If you want to be sure your seedlings don't come with chemical residue on them or in the soil or also pest, your best way to have control is to grow your own seedlings.
  3. You save money. A single seedling can cost about the same as the cost of a full packet of seeds. For a couple of dollars you can either get one plant versus several plants if you choose to grow your own seedlings.

Another bonus benefit to growing your own seedlings is to have a project to do with kids. What a fun and educational way to teach kids about the plant cycle from the very beginning. Plus, kids that grow their own food typically will want to eat it as well. How cool would that be to raise kids to love their veggies!