Salad in a Jar

Making salads in a jar has become a very popular way of enjoying eating greens every day. A year ago, I invited a few of my friends over to make salads. We were all trying to make simple changes to improve our health. Little did I know that 50+ parties later it would still be going strong. This might be something you can start in your own community. What you do is invite at least 5 - 20 people. Then everyone brings 1 to 2 salad toppings to share with the group, a bowl and serving utensil for their ingredients and 5 - 7 wide mouth quart mason jars. Sometimes we just put all the ingredients out and people make what ever they want and other times we design the salads ahead of time so they know what to bring. Either way people get to have fun and an easy healthy lunch or dinner for the week. A couple of the benefits of doing this is that we have a good variety of salads so we never get bored of eating them and we only need to buy, clean and chop a couple things. Some of us have even lost some weight. But, mostly we all have started craving more fresh food!This is another great way to share the produce we grow!